Phantom Power

The next album, Phantom Power, relied less on sound experimentation and proved to be a more stripped-down, back-to-basics recording in contrast to the orchestral Rings Around the World. It was also released as both a CD and DVD album in July 2003, preceded by a single, “Golden Retriever”, in June (chart #13). Although the reviews for the album were generally good and it sold well initially, charting at #4.”Hello Sunshine”, hit #31 in October 2003 .

The group followed Phantom Power in 2004 with a remix version, Phantom Phorce, with tracks reworked by the likes of Killa Kela, Four Tet and Brave Captain. They accompanied this with a download single, “Slow Life”, which also included the track “Motherfokker”, a collaboration with Goldie Lookin Chain, both tracks are now available as a free download via the Placid Casual website. In October 2004 the band released a “best of” album, Songbook: The Singles, Vol. 1, accompanied by a single – a live version of “The Man Don’t Give A Fuck” (chart #16).

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